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Event Recap – July 2018 "Living the Hygge Life"

July 18, 2018 8:48 AM | Laura Waniuk

Attendees of VVBW’s July event learned the benefits of slowing down, developing a conscious appreciation, and recognizing and enjoying the present.  Hosted at Hygge Life in Avon, the evening included networking and a cozy, picnic style dinner.

Hygge is a Danish word (pronounced hue-guh) used when acknowledging a feeling or moment as cozy, charming or special. It can happen whether you are alone, with friends or family, at home or out on the town.  Hygge Life Founder Alexandra Gove first discovered the concept while traveling Europe, where she was impressed with with the Northern European way of slowing down, being present and genuinely enjoying every day moments.

Hygge Life began on the road in 2014 in an old 1971 Opel Blitz camper van painted blue. Alexandra and boyfriend Koen traveled Europe making and selling traditional poffertjes, a Dutch mini pancake. Then followed a blog, Hyggelife.com, focusing on people and things that inspired them and provoked hygge in their lives.  The blog eventually developed into an online store and then grew to include a brick and mortal establishment in Eagle Vail.  The Hygge Vail shop features items that Alexandra and Koen feel create hygge spaces, including textiles, sheepskins, candles and European vintage items.

The group also received a helpful handout to help explain the concept of hygge, also known as The Hygge Manifesto. While it sounds like a very serious title, the Manifesto encourages the individual to live life well with ten concepts. Attendee Tracy Long embraced a few suggestions made during the presentation.  “I feel it has made my home time more relaxing and replenishing,” says Long.

Atmosphere: Turn down the lights. Illuminate with candles.
Presence: Be here now. Put down the phone and other distractions.
Pleasure: A little indulgence never hurt anyone. Enjoy pleasures like cake, chocolate, a glass of wine or other enjoyable treats.
Equality: Choose “We” over “Me.” Share the airtime.
Gratitude: Take in every moment. This might be as good as it gets.
Harmony: Live in harmony. Life is not a competition.
Comfort: Take a break. It’s all about relaxation.
Truce: No drama queens. Set aside the politics for another time.
Togetherness: Build relationships and narratives. Get lost in remembrances, “Remember the time we….”
Shelter: This is your tribe. This is a place of peace and security

Hygge Life is located in Eagle-Vail and offers a collection of home décor items from artisans nearby and abroad that are chosen to inspire people to adopt the Danish way of living well.

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